Lock, inventory and appropriate food: readers percentage their ‘something-for-not anything’ food suggestions

Lock, inventory and appropriate food

And I thought I changed into so clever, turning the pan juices of my roast bird into jellied “bird plugs” that wait within the freezer, ready to power up a sauce, gravy or stew. But there are readers of this column who are lifeless-set geniuses.

Inspired through my bird plug prowess (Good Weekend, April eleven), many have written in with their own “something-for-not anything” recommendations that may turn one meal into two. Such as Nicola, along with her “Day one: paella. Day : baked capsicum filled with paella”; and Julie, who turns leftover bolognese sauce into bolognese risotto.

Lock, inventory and  appropriate food

Thanks to all who reminded me of bubble-and-squeak, lamb fritters with tomato sauce, and the reputedly limitless methods to enjoy the inventory, meat and greens from cooking corned pork. It appears I’m not the most effective one to prepare dinner an excessive amount of of one thing with the intention to create two meals, either.

Evie, as an instance, steams too many veggies for dinner, knowing she will turn them into tomorrow’s lunchtime salad with herbs from her lawn. Jane makes greater mashed potato than she wishes, then provides chopped onion and tuna to the leftovers and shapes them into patties to fry.

In spite of there being “just the two folks”, Barbara says she cooks a roast each weekend, understanding that any pork leftovers will become san choy bau, roast lamb might be shepherd’s pie and roast hen can be soup.

Some of this “making-do” was ingrained from beginning, notes “I’m a war child” Anne, who has made a everyday Kitchen Sink Soup from the week’s leftovers all her lifestyles. “Different every Friday, and extraordinarily very tasty,” she says.

Most of it, however, comes from simple vintage commonplace sense, some thing that seems to be returning to our kitchens. Margaret gets two dinners and five lunches for herself from one roast bird (such as a curried chicken kedgeree I can’t wait to prepare dinner for myself).

And Klas uses his pizza oven for pizza – manifestly – but afterwards, gradual-chefs a massive pot of lamb in it, then, because it cools, uses it to dry trays of tomatoes and seaweed. (Please, Klas, come and stay round the corner to me.)

What I love even extra than the ideas themselves is the apparent satisfaction, delight and delight they arrive wrapped in. I feel I’ve done the proper component via those -for-one ideas, via passing them on on the way to live once more. And again.

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